What is ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)?

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Do you want to provide your students with real world learning opportunities and teach applicable life skills, but feel like you don't have the time or the resources? Are you looking fun and engaging ways to promote positive social behaviors in your classroom? If you thought (or screamed!) yes to either of these questions, ClassBank is here to help :) 

What is ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)? 

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) is a classroom management program that combines a classroom economy and financial literacy skills into one easy to use system. The web-based platform enables students to apply for classroom jobs, and earn and spend classroom dollars. Students learn valuable skills like money management, delayed gratification, budgeting, and more, all through experience. Built by two former teachers, ClassEquity is easy to implement and maintain for teachers, and helps promote a positive classroom culture. It’s also fun, engaging, and helpful for students! Learn more and sign up for free here: classbank.com

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If you are interested in learning more about how ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) can help you and your students, shoot us an email at hello@classbank.com! We’d love to find time to chat💛