School Spotlight with Brynn A. and her students!

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Abby Coyle
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Congrats to our December Teacher of the Month, Brynn A.!

Brynn started using  with her own 7th and 8th grade students, and is now getting her whole middle school onboard! Last week, we got the chance to shadow Brynn's class, chat with her students, and collaborate with teachers during a Professional Development session.

Why did you start using ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)?

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) is the perfect tool for incorporating an economy model into the school setting. Our middle school team needed something that allowed for easy implementation, consistency across the board, and excitement for the students. ClassEquity has it!

What do you like best about ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)?

The best part of ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) is the digital aspect. Eliminating the paper is a huge time saver and makes implementation more manageable. Abby and Katie are also incredibly responsive and helpful when it comes to troubleshooting.

What has the student response been?

Students are really into the economy and love using ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity). We’ve made a lot of changes since implementing the program as we figure out what works best for our students and they’ve been really patient and helpful throughout the process.

Do you have any tips for other teachers or schools hoping to implement ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)?

The best tip I can probably offer teachers or schools is to trust the process and keep going! I’m excited about what our economy will look like this time next year when we have hammered out all the bugs and have a smoothly functioning system. I know once we get it really going, it will ultimately run itself and students will benefit greatly!

Hear from Brynn's students!

We also got the chance to chat with some of Brynn's students about ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity), and we loved seeing the real world connections being made. While many joked that they wished there was less math involved, students were really excited to have control over their bank accounts, apply for jobs, and practice earning and saving to buy rewards.

🌟"I'm learning things that will help me in the real world, like how to apply to jobs and keep track of my money."

🌟"I feel proud when I get a bonus but I don't like getting fines. It makes me think before doing something."

🌟"I like that I can practice real world things that I am to young to deal with."

🌟"My favorite part is the job board. I like that it asks for qualifications and experiences because it's like applying in real life." 

🌟And our personal favorite..."I want to buy everything from the store, but I'm trying to save up for 5 minutes of extra recess for everyone!"

Positive impact of ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)

Principal Davis shared that the school recently received a grant for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and that ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) aligns with their goal of promoting positive student behavior. One teacher commented that students will stop outside of her classroom to check themselves before entering. Another shared that she had problems with one student wearing a hat inside all year, until fines were introduced and it is no longer an issue!

When asked about her favorite part of ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity), Principal Davis shared that it has all been a teacher-led effort.

"Teacher buy-in is very important to me, and ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) has been a completely teacher-led program at our school."

She also loves that it teaches critical financial literacy skills, and that students understand why it's important. Principal Davis shared that since starting ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity), she's seen an increase in students asking for work permits to apply for jobs in their community! She's excited to see the progression of her students throughout the year, and what skills students carry over into high school and beyond.

Interested in taking ClassEquity school-wide like Brynn? Send us an email at - we'd love to chat!

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