How ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) Transformed My Classroom

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Keali B.
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Keali B., 4th Grade Teacher

Last year was my first year of teaching and let me tell you teaching is tough. I thought I knew, but, wow, I did not know. What’s so tough about it? Well the list runs on and on, but one of the most challenging and simultaneously important aspects of teaching is classroom management and class culture.

Creating a well-run, warm, effective yet fun learning environment seemed to me to be an impossible task. Until ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) came along and completely TRANSFORMED my 4th grade classroom. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) allowed me to develop a classroom management system that was everything AND MORE than I could have ever imagined. How, might you ask? Here is the beauty of ClassBank in a nutshell:

It’s a time saver

Instead of spending my brain power and manual labor creating a classroom economy, ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) gives it to me, tied up in a nice little bow!

It teaches real-world skills

Remember in school when you learned the pythagorean theorem and were like, “Hmmm this is ridiculous I am never going to use this!” and then you kind of checked out and lost a weee bit of your respect for education? This is NOT THAT. A classroom economy teaches students about real life, and in turn, my scholars are beyond motivated.

  1. Students apply for jobs
  2. Students earn salaries
  3. Students rent their desks
  4. Students earn bonuses for fantastic work
  5. Students are fined for not taking care of property or breaking class rules
  6. Students learn to budget and save to shop at my classroom store

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) makes what the students are doing each day real. When your scholars see the value in something, they are rejuvenated, more engaged and more motivated. Which brings me to...

It’s effective

Plain and simple: if students are engaged in ANYTHING, you are golden. They are engaged in ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity). They are motivated to do their classroom jobs the best they can. They strive to do their work at the highest quality. Because they are invested and passionate about their role in our own mini community that feels real and important (because it is!).

It reinforces/aligns with standards

Math? You got it. Students make deposits and withdrawals and update their total income daily. Writing? Of course. Students develop job applications, explaining why they are the best candidate.

It’s fun

Who wouldn't want to be “paid” to be at school? My students absolutely love having a “job,” earning bonuses and look forward to shopping at my store (Hogsmeade for all you Harry Potter nerds!) each month.

You can make it your own

I am the biggest Harry Potter fan! My classroom is a mini Hogwarts. When I connected with ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) and learned about the job creation feature, I knew mine would be wizarding world jobs. And it has been a HIT. We read the first Harry Potter book in the fall, and my students feel like they are a part of something magical.

"Hogsmeade" themed store, complete with "Butterbeer"

I could go on and on, but, as a busy teacher (that knows how busy a teacher reading this is) I will keep it at that. If you want to transform the way you manage your classroom, ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) is the way to do it.