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Empowering Students to Succeed
Inside and Outside of the Classroom

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Equity: Ownership

Create ownership of classroom routines and give students a voice within your school community.

Equity: Providing fair opportunities

Close the financial literacy gap by increasing access to personal finance, especially to those who need it the most.

Our Story

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) was created to solve a problem co-founders Abby and Katie experienced as educators in underserved communities. While they wanted to create meaningful learning experiences that taught students real-life skills, they were frustrated with inflexible curriculum, a lack of engaging resources, and diverted attention to behavioral issues.

Every student should leave school prepared for the world ahead. But one thing must happen first. We need to create a learning environment that is engaging and relevant for students.

To solve this problem, Abby and Katie built a tool that combines financial literacy and classroom management into one easy to use system, in a way that's now seamless for teachers and engaging for students. ClassBank transforms classrooms into communities, where students are empowered to play an active role in their learning environment, take responsibility beyond themselves, and build financial responsibility in a safe space.

Launched in the fall of 2021, ClassBank has helped hundreds of thousands of students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Evidence Based Design

Our Theory of Change

To transform schools into thriving economies that equip students with financial literacy and character development, preparing them for real-world responsibilities while fostering a supportive and collaborative school culture.





Students lack financial literacy and money management skills
Earn, save, and spend classroom currency, apply for jobs, and manage budgets
Develop financial literacy, budgeting skills, and character traits for personal growth
Students are prepared for real-world financial independence, equipped with crucial life skills and social competencies
Achieve more effective classroom management and greater student engagement
Teachers foster dynamic and supportive learning environments that drive positive behaviors and educational outcomes
Enhance student supports through targeted interventions and strengthened school wide collaboration
Set clear expectations, reinforce positive behaviors, assign jobs, and facilitate hands-on learning experiences
Teachers face challenges in managing classroom behaviors and effectively teaching life-skills
Administrators need efficient systems and comprehensive data to enhance school-wide culture & climate
Implement consistent expectations, capture data, and integrate financial literacy into the existing school-day
Administrators establish a positive and united school culture that cultivates positive social and academic outcomes

A Note From Our Founders

"We love working alongside rockstar educators to continue building a tool that teachers and students love. Thank you for being apart of our community – we ae so excited to have you here!"

Abby Coyle
CEO & Co-Founder

In her free time, you can find Abby surfing, hiking, or reading a good mystery book.

Katie Gracey
CPO & Co-Founder

In her free time, you can find Katie around a board game with family & friends, or enjoying live music.

Hi! We're Abby and Katie, educators, co-founders of ClassEquity, and lifelong friends. We are working towards a world where zip code does not determine one's outcomes. Thanks for joining us on this mission!

                                                                                                                                                             -Abby and Katie

The ClassEquity team at a Forbes 30 under 30 event in New York City, where we were awarded a $100,000 STOP award for the most transformational platforms for students.

Our mission

We are working towards a world where zip code does not determine one's outcomes.