🌟 Big News! ClassEquity is now ClassBank. Same mission, new name! Explore the exciting updateshere. 🚀

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A classroom economy, all in one place


Charge Bills

Teach financial literacy and life-skills through experience


Award Bonuses

Reinforce positive student behaviors and school values


Manage your Store

Reward achievement and celebrate student success


Assign Jobs

Foster student responsibility and build community

Loved by schools in top districts across the country

Digitize your school economy

Ditch the paper school bucks, put purpose behind your behavior management system, and prepare students with critical 21st century skills.

Encourage and reward positive behaviors

Set clear expectations and acknowledge students for their wins to increase student motivation and on-task engagement — ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) supports Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) frameworks.

Prepare students for financial independence

Teach financial responsibility as students earn virtual salaries, manage deposits and withdrawals, and see the impact of their saving, spending, and budgeting.

Measure benefits and outcomes

Gather real-time insights on student progress to discover trends, facilitate targeted interventions, and improve culture with data-driven decisions.

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Amber N., 7th grade teacher

"I no longer have to worry about discipline or student responsibilities because kids are motivated and build community in a way that I haven't experienced in 21 years of teaching!!!"

Maria M., District Tech Coordinator

"I'm impressed with the student engagement. They are learning real-life skills, like saving and spending responsibly, while building a positive school culture. Students are quick to tell you about their experiences using ClassBank. Hearing the enthusiasm in their voices speaks volumes."

Christian M., Assistant Principal

"ClassBank is putting data to the positive behaviors, and we’re now able to track how positive reinforcement is actually benefiting our kids."

Donna M., 8th grade teacher

"I knew I had to have ClassBank when I saw my students rushing to get to class or volunteering to help around the classroom. Eventually, that evolved into students offering to help with things even when they aren't getting 'paid'!"

Brett H., Principal

"ClassBank helped us shift from a myopic focus on the things kids were doing wrong to what kids are doing right. It really dovetails nicely with this concept of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports."

Brynn A., 7th & 8th grade teacher

"ClassBank is a fun and exciting way for students to learn financial responsibility, organization, and delayed gratification, among other important life skills. I think this is a great way to introduce kids to the real world that awaits them."


Resources for Teachers & Administrators

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The Essential Guide to Setting up your School Wide Rewards Store

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Exciting Announcement: ClassEquity is Now ClassBank!

Exciting Announcement: ClassEquity is Now ClassBank!

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End-of-Year Store Ideas: 5 Creative Ways for Students to Spend their Classroom Money

End-of-Year Store Ideas: 5 Creative Ways for Students to Spend their Classroom Money

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