Where to get funding for PBIS, SEL, and Financial Literacy programs

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Katie Gracey
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Interested in using ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) schoolwide but don’t have it in the budget? Here are some buckets of funding that your school may be eligible for (or already receive) that you can use for ClassBank! 

COVID Related Funding


What it is: ​​

The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act includes $13.5 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). These funds are meant to be flexible in addressing the challenges schools faced during the COVID pandemic.  1 of every 10 dollars of these COVID relief funds could return unused. 

Who gets it:

Every state will receive ESSER funds. School districts apply for money from the states, which they then pass on to schools.  ESSER funds have been disbursed in 3 separate rounds, with ESSER  I funds needing to be obligated by September 2022, ESSER 2 funds by September 2023, and ESSER 3 funds September 2024.

How ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) Qualifies:

ESSER funds are meant to be flexible to meet district and school needs in the wake of the pandemic and have a variety of uses in schools. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) incorporates SEL, PBIS, MTSS and Responsive Classroom Approach which help improve students’ mental health and behavior. The platform offers a flexible learning environment that schools can implement in an in-person or virtual setting. ClassBank is fully customizable, which provides the opportunity to accommodate different learning styles and meet each individual student’s needs.

Learn more about CARES and ESSER funding here

District and Federal Funding 

Title I 

What it is:

Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA) provides financial assistance to local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

Who gets it:

Schools in which children from low-income families make up at least 40 percent of enrollment are eligible to use Title I funds to operate schoolwide programs that serve all children. 

How ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) qualifies:

When ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) is used as a schoolwide solution, every student is supported. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) focuses on creating a positive classroom culture that increases engagement and motivation, particularly for disadvantaged students. ClassBank customizability allows teachers to meet individual students’ needs and provide extra positive reinforcement, promoting a culture of equity. 

If you’re an educator interested in applying for Title I funds, reach out to your district’s Title I director, your district’s federal programs director, or your district’s assistant superintendent. Learn more about Title I funding here.

Title II

What it is:

Title II provides states with funding that they pass down to local educational agencies to support the effectiveness and retention of teachers, principals, and other school leaders.

Who gets it:

These funds are usually distributed to districts with initiatives geared toward improving teacher and principal quality. 

How ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) qualifies:

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) helps educators hone their craft by learning to use technology effectively and develop the skills to implement research-based practices effectively. Teachers also gain more in-depth content knowledge on financial literacy, enabling students to succeed in a well-rounded education. The ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) platform is easy to implement and maintain and improves classroom culture, which is a major component of teacher retention. 

Learn more about Title II funding here

Title IV

What it is:

Title IV aims to address the comprehensive needs of students by providing them with a “well-rounded education” and increasing access to technology. 20% of Title IV funding falls into the “well-rounded education” category, including software for STEM and other curriculum content. 20% is for safe and healthy schools, including developing school culture and other initiatives such as SEL and PBIS. The last 60% is reserved for “Effective Uses of Technology,” such as digital content. 

Who gets it:

Schools that implement well-rounded education initiatives are eligible to receive these funds from the district. 

How ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) qualifies:

ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) qualifies for all three buckets of Title IV funding. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) uses embedded financial literacy content to promote a well-rounded education. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) promotes safe and healthy schools by equitably improving classroom culture and allowing teachers to incorporate SEL and PBIS principles easily. The digital platform allows students to build digital literacy skills through the online portal that mirrors a real bank account. 

Learn more about Title IV funding here

Other Opportunities

  • The NEA Foundation: A public charity founded by educators for educators to promote the absolute best public education that has a variety of grant opportunities. 
  • Social and Emotional Learning Grant: This federal grant provides technical assistance to support States and districts in implementing social and emotional learning programs.
  • School Climate Transformation Grant: This federal grant supports schools implementing an evidence-based multi-tiered behavioral framework for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all students.
  • Local Business Partnerships: We are happy to help work with you to get your community involved in supporting your school! Many local banks and credit unions already support financial literacy initiatives, and we can help ensure that your ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) costs are covered. 

First and foremost, our mission is to spread financial literacy to the students who need it the most, and we never want cost to be a prohibitive factor in using ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity). We are happy to work with you and your school to ensure all of your students and teachers have access to the tools they need, just email us at hello@classbank.com!