"Invest In Yourself": How ASU Prep Uses Stocks to Motivate and Teach During Testing Season

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Kelvin A.
4 minute read

See how ASU Prep turns testing season into a real-world lesson on stocks! By incorporating real-world lessons on stocks into your curriculum, you'll not only teach students about the potential benefits of investing but also provide them with an incentive to excel during this testing season. 

"We had students invest up to 30 ClassBank coins into their stocks. If they show growth on their assessments their stock will double and they will get 60 coins. If they go up a whole proficiency band their stocks will triple!" -Kelvin A. (Ambassador)

How to Turn Tests into a Lesson on Stocks: 

  1. Roll out: Let students know they will be seeing an Investment Certificate in the store (click here for Kelvin's template). By purchasing this certificate, they will get their money back with interest if they make progress on their EOY exams.
  2. Distribute: Give students their certificates and allow students to make them their own! You can even have them write 3 strategies to meet their goal on the back of their certificates to help set a goal.
  3. Display: Post the certificates somewhere highly visible in your classroom. This will build investment and remind students that they have invested in themselves.
  4. Pay Day!: Once results are back, issue students a bonus with their investment plus their return so they learn the value of long term investments and investing in themselves!

How are you bringing financial literacy to life in your classroom? Email us at hello@classbank.com!