5 Tips from ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) Ambassadors

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Katie Gracey
4 minute read

Since ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) went live in 2021, we have been blown away by the community that ClassBank teachers have built. We have had the opportunity to talk to countless teachers who have made ClassBank their own and are generous enough to share their ideas, hopes, and dreams for the platform with us. To take this community to the next level we launched our ambassador program which allows teachers who are passionate about the program to spread the word and give back to the ClassEquity community.

To recognize their efforts and share their wisdom, we have compiled a list of best practices shared by some of our incredible ambassadors. Whether you are new to ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) or an ambassador yourself, or somewhere in between, this post will help you save time, motivate your students, and get the most out of ClassBank!

Class Auctions with Alec H.

Alec recently came over from another financial literacy platform that was closing its doors, and has jumped in with enthusiasm to provide feedback and help other teachers transitioning from Stash101 to ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity). One feature that he used frequently in the past in addition to a class store is a class auction. Learn more about how to incorporate class auctions including Alec’s easy to set up custom Auction site here!

Supporting students with William M.

William noticed that some of his students didn’t have the money to buy lunch, so he added some lunch options to his store such as ramen for students to purchase. On a day when a student may need some help with lunch, he subtly transfers some money into their account, allowing them to purchase the items that they need without putting them in the spotlight. William also uses his students’ ClassBank expertise to get other teachers on board. His student jobs include an onboarding specialist that works with other teachers and students getting set up on the platform, saving him time, and helping them get started right away! Learn more about what ClassBank looks like as a school-wide system here!

Building school community with Erin M.

Erin’s 5th grade math students are contributing to their school community in a major way. Her school found themselves shorthanded on custodial staff when one of their longtime staff members passed away, so Erin decided to allow students to apply for a job to help make things a bit easier for the custodial staff that were already stretched thin. Students saw the first student completing the job and expressed so much interest that they are now able to help the whole hall empty their trash bins. Talk about building community! Looking for more ideas for classroom jobs? Find some creative suggestions and tips for implementing classroom jobs here!

Linking ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) to Canvas with Rosemary S.

RoseMary has been with ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) since the very beginning and has advocated for us even when the site was brand new and we were battling bugs like whack a mole. She is also an ambassador of other edtech programs such Khan Academy, Nearpod, Kahoot, Flipgrid and more; she really does it all! She has helped us build out the Ambassador program with her great ideas and even created a tutorial on how to link ClassBank into Canvas to save you and your students time. You can find her tutorial here as well as a more in depth look at how she uses ClassEquity (our first teacher feature!)

Stock your store with Michelle H.

Michelle is a Family Sciences teacher that embeds real world lessons into ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) left and right! Cooking is a major part of the curriculum so some of her store items include coming in during lunch to make mug cakes or to cook for lunch with a friend. She also leverages Donors Choose to stock her kitchen and store with items. “With ClassBank students are holding each other accountable for things like cleaning their workspace and doing their jobs. It holds me accountable too!” Check out some other store suggestions from our ambassadors here.

Learn more about being a ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) ambassador here! Or do you just have some tips and tricks to share? Email them to us at hello@classbank.com.