Shark Tank Winner: Brooke and the "Phone Book"!

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Abby Coyle
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Over 300 students entered ClassBank's first ever Shark Tank Project Based Learning Competition, where students became entrepreneurs and pitched their business ideas to their class. After some stiff competition, we are excited to announce the National Winner is... drumroll please... Brooke and the "Phone Book"!

Brooke pitching the "Phone Book" at her classroom Demo Day

Brooke created the Phone Book to solve a challenge that we can all relate to (especially me)- dropping your phone.

Now, you won't have to worry about you dropping your phone and it being cracked anymore, thanks to the Phone Book.

Using a cell phone is second nature. However, that experience is ruined, as Brooke explains, "when you drop your phone, when you trip, and it gets cracked. Then you can't tell if you're watching your favorite TV show, or if you're looking at some sort of ancient hieroglyphics." 

"Phone Book" Prototype

The Phone Book is an "easy to use pocketbook that you can put your phone in to keep it safe and secure."  Not only does it have a sleek exterior, but it is thoughtfully designed out of memory foam so that "when you put it into your bag, it can smush and your screen doesn't get crushed." Brooke demonstrated her prototype with a poptart (no phones in class!), and impressed her class with how secure the Phone Book is.

What really wowed the judges was Brooke's thorough business plan.

Brooke calculated the manufacturing costs to be $7.70 per Phone Book, including the memory phone, fabric, thread, elastic, and ribbon, and she plans to sell it for around $15. Her Go To Market Strategy is to target 12-30 year olds through small business outlets such as Etsy. The judges really liked her competitive analysis, as Brooke clearly explained the Phone Book's competitive advantage of "adding secureness, protection, and it can also be stylish" instead of the thin alternatives.

Way to go Brooke! Watch her full pitch here.

Didn't have a chance to enter this year's competition? No worries! You can access the Free Project Based Learning Material Here and be on the lookout for next year's competition!