Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for your Classroom Store

Posted by:
Abby Coyle
4 minute read

Amazon Prime Day is Christmas in July for teachers prepping their classrooms for the upcoming school year, and it starts July 12th! We want you to get in on the best discounts and fun new items for your classroom store, so we compiled a list of students’ favorite rewards and found you the Prime Day deals.

Top 15 Class Store Items & Amazon Deals

We support buying local as much as possible, but if you’re on a budget like us, check out these items during Amazon Prime Day to stock up your classroom and school store without breaking the bank.

1) Vinyl stickers - 54% off here

2) Smelly stickers- 42% off here

3) Crock charms- 40% off here

4) Scrunchies- 26% off here

5) Slime- 17% off here

6) Desk Pets- 56% off here

7) Moldable Smelly Erasers- 15% off here

8) Fidget Spinners- 45% off here

9) Pop its- 76% off here

10)Fidget toys pack- 40% off here

11) Scented glitter pens- 51% off here

12) Fruit snacks- 11% off here

13) Collapsable water bottles- 17% off here

14) Mochi squishies- 48% off here

15) Color changing pencils- 16% off here

Free Rewards

What do we love more than a good discount? FREE rewards! Here are some popular store items that don’t cost you a penny.

  • Sit in the teacher’s chair
  • Swap seats for a day
  • Share your talent with the class
  • Choose brain break for the class
  • Tell a joke to the class
  • Pass to go to the front of the lunch line
  • Switch jobs for a day with a classmate
  • Homework pass
  • Extra credit points
  • Free dress coupon
  • Stinky feet (can take shoes off during class)
  • Special leadership role (door greeter, errand runner, cafeteria leader, etc.) 
  • Positive phone call home (but try to do this one as often as possible anyways!)
  • Fancy lunch (think white table cloth, real plates and cups, and students being served lunch by their favorite teacher) 
  • Tea time with a teacher (spice up "lunch with the teacher" with tea sandwiches, a cup of tea, and small dessert items)
  • Donation (student can purchase something for you to donate on their behalf, such as a can of soup for the local food bank. While this isn't technically free, it's a great way to build community! Alternatively, there could be a donation fund towards class-wide rewards.)

Pro Tips

  • If you don’t have Amazon Prime, sign up for the month free trial so you don’t miss out!
  • Other retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have competing Prime Day sales, so check out those deals as well.
  • If you have items in your store that aren’t selling, create a “mystery bag” with a few different items. These sell out fast!
  • Sign up for ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) for FREE to give students a way to earn classroom dollars and check out from the classroom store digitally! Check out the school plans to streamline your team and school-wide store.