End-of-Year Store Ideas: 5 Creative Ways for Students to Spend their Classroom Money

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Aubrie Chaillet
4 minute read

Do your students have a surplus of classroom money or points as the school year wraps up? Here are some creative and affordable store ideas for students to spend their savings on and celebrate the end of the school year!

1. Raffles

Photo Credit: Anna from Hanging with Mrs. Husley

Organize a raffle where students can buy tickets to enter into exciting prize drawings. This could include items like gift cards, snacks, or school merchandise. You can also clear out your classroom of any unwanted items by having a junk raffle! Asking other teachers on your hallway for anything they don’t want can be a fun way to clear out classrooms and a low-cost way to source prizes. Raffles not only add an element of anticipation, but also create a sense of community as students eagerly await the results.

2. Auctions

Host an auction where your students can use their hard-earned points to bid on unique experiences or items, like a VIP lunch with their favorite teacher or a school yearbook. Classroom auctions not only transform points into memorable experiences but also introduce fundamental economic concepts like supply and demand. Watch this video to see how Scott H. runs a classroom auction with his middle schoolers, where students not only contribute items to the auction but also have the opportunity to earn a seller's fee!

3. Lock Box Challenge

Introduce a lock box challenge where students can use their classroom money to purchase combinations to unlock a mystery box filled with prizes. ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) Ambassador Michelle H. shares, "I put a ton of things in the lockbox and have numbers 1-1000 on a piece of paper. Students can pay $20 to choose one of the numbers. If they get into the box they get everything. They are sooo excited!" 

4. Scratch-off Tickets

Free template from Evaluate with Kate

Sell scratch-off tickets where students can redeem their points to reveal instant prizes. These prizes could range from small rewards like homework passes, extra credit points, or class privileges to larger rewards such as movie tickets or gift cards. The element of mystery and instant gratification makes scratch-off cards a popular choice among students, adding extra excitement to your store. These scratch off stickers are great for using any ticket template, or find pre-made scratch off tickets here

5. Claw Machine 

Set up a claw machine stocked with small goodies. From plush toys and school supplies to candy and novelty items, the claw machine offers a fun and interactive way for students to exchange their classroom points for tangible rewards. The excitement of watching peers try their luck and celebrating their wins builds a lively community spirit and adds a playful element to the end-of-year celebrations.

By introducing creative and engaging ways for students to utilize their classroom dollars, you can not only incentivize participation but also create memorable experiences and foster a sense of community among students. Whether through raffles, auctions, mystery boxes, scratch-off cards, or claw machines, the possibilities are endless for making the end of the school year an exciting and rewarding time for all.

For more ideas for your school store, check out this article from ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)!