3 Ways to Run a Classroom Auction

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Abby Coyle
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Classroom auctions are a fun and engaging way for students to learn about supply and demand, saving, and decision making. They can foster a sense of competition and collaboration among students, getting them more involved in the learning process. Here are a few ways you can do a classroom auction with ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity)!

1. The in-person auction

Have students bid on items in person during class, complete with you as the auctioneer (or better yet, turn it into a student job)!

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What you will need:

  • Gather a variety of items for students to bid on. These can be small prizes such as stickers or treats, or larger items such as gift cards.
  • Bidding paddles (not necessary, but fun!)

2. The silent auction

Set up your auction items around the room, along with a silent auction bidding sheet, for students to browse and make bids on throughout the class period or week.

What you will need:

  • A table and space to set up your auction items on
  • Bidding sheets for each item

3. The digital auction

Create your very own Ebay for students to browse items and make bids online! A HUGE thank you to Alec Hess for creating this How to set up a Digital Auction Guide.

What you will need:

Once the auction is over, send your students a custom expense to pay for their newly won item!

More Tips & Tricks

Check out this video to see how Scott H.'s middle school students run their classroom auction, complete with selling their own auction items and paying a 20% sellers fee!