ClassBank's 2024 Shark Tank Challenge is LIVE! Hear from the reigning Champion, Ava A., and her project Gifting Gods!

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Ava A. and Katie K.
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As we officially kick off ClassBank's 2024 Shark Tank Challenge, we are thrilled to spotlight Ava A., the deserving winner of the 2023 ClassBank (formerly ClassEquity) Shark Tank Project Based Learning Competition! Ava's innovative concept, Gifting Gods, not only impressed the judges with its creativity and market potential but also inspired students and educators alike. Hear from student entrepreneur Ava and her teacher Katie, and learn how your class can enter to win!

Ava's Winning Project: Gifting Gods

Gifting Gods emerged from Ava's personal experience and her creative approach to gift-giving. Born from a simple yet relatable problem of finding the perfect gift, Ava transformed her family's custom gift guide into a promising business venture. Ava's thoughtful prototype, complete with various palette designs, not only showcased her creativity but also her keen understanding of the market. Ava's classmates agreed, voting her the winner of their 6th grade pitch competition and qualifying her for ClassBank's National Competition.

Why Gifting Gods Won

All Shark Tank qualifying pitches were reviewed by a panel of Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists (real-life sharks!). Ava's pitch was a standout for several reasons. Her enthusiasm, detailed planning, and comprehensive approach encompassed everything from engaging problem statement to a clear go-to-market strategy. Ava also emphasized the importance of women-owned businesses, further showcasing her awareness of broader societal contexts. Watch Ava's winning pitch here, and share it with your class as an example!

Teacher's Perspective: Katie K. Shares Her Experience

Katie K., Ava's teacher, shared her insights on the impact of the Shark Tank project. Her students were instantly drawn to the challenge, reflecting their eagerness to learn about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The project facilitated a vibrant learning environment, combining subjects like literacy and math with real-world skills. Katie particularly enjoyed seeing her students develop creative solutions and support each other through constructive feedback.

Ava's Vision and Future Ambitions

Ava's entrepreneurial spirit does't just stop at Gifting Gods. She dreams of attending the University of Toronto and NY Law, aiming to eventually start her own law firm. We can't wait to see all of the amazing things Ava accomplishes!

Join the 2024 Shark Tank Challenge

Through our Project Based Learning material, students will learn about entrepreneurship, create their own business plans and prototypes, and pitch their ideas to your class. The winner of your classroom Shark Tank will have the opportunity to compete nationally in front of our panel of judges and real-life sharks! Encourage your students to explore their entreprenuerial potential, offering them a hands-on and engaging way to learn about business fundamentals. (Oh, and the winner will earn a pizza party for their class on us 😏🍕)

Submissions are open until April 19th!

Sign up now to access our free Project Based Learning Material and learn how to submit your classroom pitch winner. Submissions are due before April 19th. We can't wait to see what your students will come up with!

Congratulations once again to Ava and all the participants of the 2023 Shark Tank Competition! 🚀🌟